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Nervous Patients / Sedation

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Here at Precision Dental Clinic we understand that some patients are dental phobic; as a solution we can offer you Intravenous sedation. To be able to provide IV sedation our dentists have undergone specific post graduate training so that you know you are in safest hands.

Intravenous conscious sedation can be used for patients so they can receive treatment feeling relaxed. Patients with a dental phobia should not have to be in pain if we can offer sedation as an option to treat you. Intravenous sedation is a very safe method of dealing with a patient’s anxiety of dentistry.

What is Intravenous sedation?


IV Sedation is a combination of medicines (midazolam) that is administered into either your hand or arm by canula. Sedation relaxes you so that you can undergo dental or medical procedures without feeling or remembering the experience. Although sedated you will still be awake and voice responsive, most patients generally fall asleep though. It is a very effective treatment to aide dental phobic patients.

What is the treatment process?


Preliminary consultation:

A preliminary consultation with our experienced treatment coordinator will be arranged to discuss your current dental health and concerns about dental treatment. Our coordinator will discuss anxiety management techniques with you and provide you with a comprehensive guide to what sedation consists of, following this a clinical assessment is arranged with our sedation practitioner.

Dental examination:

At the clinic and medical assessment our dentist will discuss your fears and anxiety with dental treatment to evaluate your suitability for sedation. A dental examination is required to assess any current health problems and to give you options for the treatment required. On completion of this a medical assessment is required at the practice to ensure you are medically fit for treatment. If we feel sedation is of benefit to you then with your consent we can arrange the treatment.


On the day of the treatment you will be advised to bring a chaperone who is required to escort you home following sedation. A canula will be used to administer the midazolam via your arm or hand, which ever provides the easier access. As the midazolam is taking effect you will begin to feel extremely relaxed and drowsy. Every step of the treatment is recorded and monitored by the coordinator, once the dentists administers enough sedative to last you the course of treatment we can then begin the dental procedure.


On completion of treatment even though still feeling very tired you will be escorted to our relaxation room with the coordinator until you regain full consciousness. Post-operative instructions will be provided for you verbally and in writing and we can then discharge you into the care of your chaperone. A review of the treatment will be arranged 1 week post treatment.

The coordinator is with you at every step of the treatment to guide and support you, his attentive approach will soon put you at ease.

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