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Here at Precision Dental Clinic our treating dentists are both qualified oral surgeons so you are in safe hands if you need a tooth extracted.

A tooth extraction is required if there are no other realistic options to prolong the life of a tooth.

Why do we need teeth extracted?

  • Broken teeth beyond repair

  • Decayed teeth that are unrestorable

  • Mobile teeth due to gum disease

  • Trauma

  • Infection

  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Tooth extractions can be a daunting thought however they are a relatively straightforward procedure. A tooth is extracted when it is beyond repair or has an infection causing pain.

On some occasions teeth require surgical removal if the tooth is broken below gum level or a wisdom tooth is extracted. Dental phobia can pose a serious problem for nervous patients needing dental treatment therefore we can offer conscious sedation to relax you during the treatment procedure.

During any extraction you will feel no pain just pressure being applied to the tooth can be manoeuvred out of position.

Once the tooth is extracted we will prevent any bleeding with small swabs and provide you with post-operative information verbally and in writing. Following an extraction th area needs to be kept clean of bacteria as a ‘dry’socket’ can form.

Unfortunately, once a tooth is extracted it can affect the function and appearance of your mouth and smile, if you would like to explore options for a tooth replacement you may consider a denturebridge or dental implant

If you would like more information about dental implants then contact our experienced coordinator for a complementary consultation to begin your treatment journey.

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