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Dental Crowns & Bridges

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What is a dental crown

​A crown is a custom-made restoration that surrounds each surface of the tooth and gives the appearance of a natural tooth.

When would we use a dental crown

We use a dental crown when a tooth is heavily compromised due to fractures or extensive treatment. If the tooth cannot be restored with a filling material then a crown would be advised as a long-term solution. A dental crown can be used to replace failing crowns, restore broken teeth, protect heavily filled teeth, provide a cosmetic smile and restore a dental implant. Crowning a tooth also ensures the remaining structure underneath is well protected. and can function like a normal tooth.

It is also advisable to crown teeth that have undergone root canal treatments. Research shows crowning root treated teeth prolongs the lifespan of these teeth.

What are dental crowns made of

Crowns are made from a variety of materials, at your dental examination the dentist will discuss with you the most appropriate crown for you based on your individual case and budget.

Alloy/gold crown:

These are made of a combination of metals either gold or silver in colour.

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM):

This crown has a metal substructure with a porcelain coat to give the appearance of a natural tooth, these crowns are generally used for molar teeth.


These are fully porcelain crowns which are used for front teeth.


Emax® and Zirconia are both high-quality materials. The ceramic is compressed which is robust enough to withstand the pressure of eating and chewing but gives the appearance of tooth like properties. Emax® is used for all our smile design cases due to its strength and detail the material provides.


A dental bridge is used as an option to replace a single missing tooth. Teeth either side of the missing tooth are used to support a bridge to cover the gap. A bridge is used in specific dental cases as the supporting teeth must be structurally sound. Bridges can also be used to support dental implants.​

Dental Bridge options

The dentist will discuss all available bridge options with you at your dental examination and advise the most appropriate based on the health of the adjacent teeth.

Traditional bridge: This uses a pontic (fake tooth) that is supported by dental crowns either side, this is the most conventional bridge system used.

Cantilever bridge: This is similar to the traditional bridge however instead of using crowns either side a single crown can support this system.

Maryland bridge: The Maryland bridge uses a wing which is attached to the back of either adjacent tooth. The Maryland bring is generally used for anterior teeth.

What are dental bridges made of

Dental bridges are made of the same materials as crowns except alloy/gold or gold material. A bridge is a large structure therefore ceramic or porcelain material is used for this treatment. Alternative options to a bridge are dentures or dental implants.

If you would like more information about dental implants then contact our experienced coordinator for a complementary consultation to begin your treatment journey.

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